Guayusa: Food of the gods

Guayusa: Food of the gods

We thought it would be quite interesting to learn a little more and write about some of the magical properties of guayusa tea.

One of the well known stimulants in guayusa is, of course, caffeine. But there's another kind of stimulant hidden inside this wonder plant, called 'Theobromine'.

Theobromine is commonly found in chocolate, and is scientifically classified as a 'xanthine alkaloid' (which is, interestingly, also what caffeine is classed under).

Theobromine itself works to stimulate the body in a similar way to caffeine - but is less intense. It was first discovered as a compound way back in 1841 by a chemist from Russia called Alexander Voskresensky.

Food of the gods

You might be wondering why we decided to use the term 'food of the gods' in the title of this blog.

Well, this is because of the etymology of the word theobromine - it stems from Greek language roots. It ties back to the name of the genus (family) of the cacao tree 'Theobroma', which literally translates to 'Theo' (God) and 'Broma' (Food). So 'God Food' we guess!

Theobromine has also been recognised as a something that can suppress coughing and help with the symptoms of asthma.

The fact that guayusa also contains theobromine also helps reinforce in our minds what a special plant it is.

Longer lasting energy

It is understood that the stimulative affects from theobromine, while less intense than caffeine, last longer and also work in way that decreases blood pressure - while unbalanced or pure coffee / caffeine acts to increase it.

Perhaps this is why guayusa feels so unlike coffee in that you get the energy but with out the intensity - and that energy is much more drawn out over time.

You could say the theobromine is the Ying to caffeine's Yang, and acts to create an equilibrium with caffeine's more intense effects.

New flavour in development

Our mint, lemon, cinnamon* and pure guayusa flavours have been going down a treat with all who try them. In addition to these, we have been playing around with a new flavour of our guayusa tea, where we are hoping to blend organic cacao nibs with, perhaps, some cinnamon or other spice notes.

Cacao nibs themselves are also very high in antioxidants just like guayusa, so we hope this new blend will be a real powerhouse of goodness and xanthine alkaloid bodily stimulation!

Another important thing of course is the taste. We can testify that raw cacao nibs brewed with the already delicious guayusa taste totally great and it's our new favourite at home :)

When we have out 'choco-yusa' flavour ready, we'll give a broadcast on our Twitter page. Why not follow us there so you can keep updated?

* Please note our mint, lemon and cinnamon flavours have been discontinued