We're changing our name, everything else is the same!

We're changing our name, everything else is the same!

Hey everyone, hope you are all well and here's a short note...

...you may have noticed that we've started to roll out a name change across a number of our online spaces. For a while now we've been thinking that we needed to move on from the original company name, 'Guayusa Tea Shop'.

After some thought we have decided that the name that feels right is to trade as 'The Guayusa Co'. It sounds warm, is simple and clean - and allows us to expand the range with a number of exciting things we have in progress.

Legally, the official name will be 'The Guayusa Company Ltd.'

We will explain more of our thinking in a later blog post, but just wanted to ask for your patience and understanding if things look a little 'digitalyl confused' over the next few days - there's a lot to update - not only on the front end but also in the admin areas of the many platforms we use to keep the online side of things running.

Thank you as always for your support!

James and Linda