Bundle: Green Guayusa - Loose Leaf - 110g x 3

Bundle: Green Guayusa - Loose Leaf - 110g x 3

Regular price £11.99 Best value & quality in UK / EU

For customers who want a little more of our delicious tea, we're now able to offer this bundle pack of 3 x Green Guayusa - Loose Leaf - 110g packs for an added value price of £19.99 (normal price £26.97).

This is exceptionally good value for the quality of this particular Guayusa and the plastic free materials we use.

Guayusa is a caffeinated leaf from the Ecuadorean Amazon.

It's high in caffeine and antioxidants. It's virtually tannin-free and tastes great.

Many people are switching to Guayusa as an alternative to coffee or tea - particularly because of how the caffeine releases very slowly, meaning you don't feel the anxiety or rapid crashes and highs that these other sources of caffeine can bring.

Please note this product comes without a cardboard box and only a NatureFlex (biodegradable) pouch as shown in the image. 

Beyond the face value cost of our products, here's why we believe we're the best value Guayusa Tea available in the UK and EU:

  • Packed in UK tea factories with certifications including the British Retail Consortium, Ethical Tea Partnership, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic Certification.

  • Top-grade biodegradable mesh used for tea bags. Branded boxes produced by same company who's worked with Maldon Sea Salt, Dorset Cereals, Clipper Teas and all major UK supermarket brands. 
  • Our Guayusa supplier (we buy direct) pays their farmer collectives 15% more than the Fair Trade rate.
  • Our storage location visited by Council Food Safety Team + awarded top rating.

  • Words on packs reviewed by food law solicitor, ensuring no false claims made.

  • Passing value to you by undercharging on postage. We undercharge on UK postage and (just about) break even on everything else.

Thanks for understanding that beyond the product cost, there's a lot going on to ensure we're delivering the absolute best value.

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We undercharge on UK postage; just about break even on everything else.

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What our customers say

I'm amazed! After 1 cup I feel wide awake, alert and energised! No jitters like after having a strong coffee! I'm really, really impressed!

I'm new to Guayusa but I'm an instant convert. The tea tastes delicious and it gives you a long lasting, natural feeling energy lift. 

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