About us

The Guayusa Co

Launching in 2015, we were the first company in the UK and Europe to raise awareness of and begin selling Guayusa in packs of both loose leaf and tea bags.

We started out as a team of two (Linda and James) and since we’ve grown to (an equally Guayusa obsessed) team of six, all doing our bit to spread the word about this magical leaf.

We’re the foremost innovator of Guayusa in the UK, launching with four different blends back in 2015, and introducing a 5th in 2016.

We’ve created iced teas and energy shots, raw vegan Guayusa-infused chocolate and even prototype Guayusa kombuchas!

Needless to say, we've got big plans for the year ahead.

In love with the leaf

We’re passionate about Guayusa and the positive possibilities it offers to people and planet; beyond its potential health benefits, Guayusa’s produced in a sustainable way.

We’re committed to providing our customers the highest quality organic, non-GMO leaves and most innovative Guayusa products as we expand our range.

We want to raise awareness of Guayusa as a healthier, cleaner, more socially and environmentally conscious and deliciously versatile source of plant-based energy.

Today, people are looking for responsibly sourced, healthy plant-based products. Guyausa’s the perfect product fit in meeting the coming generation’s energy needs.

Sourcing our products responsibly

Our supplier pays a higher price than the market average.

They promote farming practices that support the rainforest ecosystem where Guayusa is grown along with a variety of other plants which bring the farmers extra income.

This reduces the impact of deforestation, and the mixture of plants makes for healthy soil and wildlife habitats.

We’re proud members of 1% for the Planet, where we donate 1% of our annual turnover to charities who protect the environment.