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About guayusa

Guayusa is an Amazonian holly (Ilex guayusa) which contains caffeine - its dried leaves have been used to make a revered tea for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Guayusa comes from the same family of rainforest holly trees as yerba mate, the popular caffeinated tea that is drunk all over South America.

Yerba mate grows in the Atlantic rainforest whereas guayusa thrives in the Amazon rainforest. Grown primarily in Ecuador, it has been an important part of tribal life for centuries.

Because guayusa doesn’t contain any tannins, it doesn’t have the bitter taste of green tea and even some black teas. Instead it has a clean, sweet flavour, that is delicious on its own or with soy, rice or nut milk.

Caffeine levels in guayusa

A regular sized cup of tea made with 2g of guayusa would give around 38mg of caffeine where a normal cup of coffee might be more in the region of 90mg.

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