"Excellent, the shipping is fast and the tea is really good"

"We have been drinking this delicious tea for a while now - since discovering it at a craft fair in Beckenham. It's amazing! We definitely feel the health benefits, it aids digestion and also helps with disturbed sleep. I would recommend this tea to all - can drink hot or cold. We add lemon and have added manuka honey when feeling under the weather. Can't wait for our new order to arrive!"

"Consistent first class friendly service and fabulous product thank you so much"

"Everything fast, ok, that product is fantastic!!! Thanks! :)"

"I was so impressed with the customer service it was fabulous prompt and first class. I will continue to buy from this company. We live in a very consumer world but this company really took time for the buyer. Thank you."

"Fast delivery, good taste, good, invigorating mental effect."

"I like taste of it. I can find taste of a mango and a linden to me, but it's not only that. It's my favorite tea for now :) I will order it to my family :)"

"Love love love this tea! It has given me amazing amounts of energy. With my last delivery, I even got a little sample of chocolate. Highly recommend"

"Everything perfect, tea tastes very good."

"Great Item, recommended seller."

"Tastes really good. A very beneficial drink. Came very quickly chocolate guayusa tastes good too. How does it get any better than this!!!"

"Thank you very much. Very good contact and perfect delivery. 5************ 😃"

"All good. Fast dispatch and delivery."

"I tried the tea yesterday for the first time and all I can say is WOW! i wasn't expecting it to taste as nice as it was, I knew the benefits of it before hand but didn't think it would be delicious too. I think I've found my new favourite drink!"

"I love these. Intense with some savoury quality there."

"Thank you for the samples. As description. Quick dispatch, good packaging."

"Very quick delivery and product was well packaged; so very pleased with my purchase, thankyou."

"Great communication, fast dispatch/delivery, and delicious tea! Would buy again!" 

"I was reccommended to try Guayusa tea by a spirtual professional as he says it will aid in detoxing the brain and is many health beneift for the body, mind and spirit. It's a very tasty tea, quick to arrive and thanks for the free tea bags guys xxx"

"Seller recommended." 

"I love the flavour 😍."


"This is very good quality tea. I only need one a day and it keeps me going. There were no usual 'caffeinated side effects'. However I would suggest those with sensitivity to caffeine, to eat something small before consuming and not have this on an empty stomach."

"Super tasting and very efficient in raising my energy levels. I drink these with a small amount of Shilajit each morning. Will definitely be ordering more!"

"This is delicious. It's like black tea but without the bitterness. A word of caution, though. Drink it neat or with lemon. If milk is added it turns a weird green colour. I'm sure it tastes great but it looks weird*. This has been out of stock for a while, so I ordered some from another company. It cost more but is of poorer quality to this brand. The 'replacement' has a powdery finish and deposits a lot of unpleasant sediment in the bottom of the teapot. This tea has slightly bigger leaves and doesn't have any sediment. It's a much cleaner brew."

*we can confirm that it does taste awesome with milk, don't worry - try it!

"All good thanks."

"Recommend this seller, and thank you for free samples xxx"

"Great tea, lovely chocolate aroma with a mild taste. You guys clearly care about your customers and product." 

"Amazing product great, customer support A++++" 

"This is my new favourite tea" 

"You guys really deserve my praise, given you have provided me with outstanding service. Having tried guayusa tea from Guayusa Tea Shop for the first time in my life I was amazed to discover the abundance of comfortable, non-frenzy, making this tea my go to substitute for coffee. It's so much better then the coffee :) With guayusa becoming part of my regular morning routine, I needed to order in bulk. Linda and James were more then kind to accommodate my request, putting together a larger packages for me, packing it with generous amounts of samples of flavoured guayusa tea in their product range and shipping it all to me in a matter of few days. Oh, a hand written message on their behalf that came with the package was such a warming detail. Linda and James, thanks for all!" 

"Great tea, great service" 

"Thanks! I received bagged tea too as a sample!" 

"Great product and service. Thanks!" 

"Fantastic product and seller! Bespoke service and top quality natural product and freebies. Very pleased and will buy again. A+++ Namaste!"

"AMAZING. I used to drink Runa guayusa tea but it wasn't available from the UK. I ordered this one instead and I love it. It tastes even better than what I used to drink, the price is amazing too, and the seller sent me 6 extra free samples of their other flavours as well. I personally couldn't tell much of a difference between Choco and pure, they were both delicious. It also came with a cute little thank you card addressed to us and had been personally signed by James and Linda (the sellers). How sweet! And the product came so quickly as well, about 2-3 days. I've resteeped the same teabag 3 times and it tasted great and was strong enough. I will definitely be repurchasing. This is how you do good business!! Bravo!! xxxx"

"I love this tea, & have to thank Linda and James for bringing it to us in the UK. I am allergic to tannin so have not had a cup of tea for over 15 years and really missed it, I searched all over trying to find something to replace it but everything that tasted remotely like tea had tannin in and I reacted to. So pleased I found this, it tastes like tea, is refreshing and has all the other benefits of a wonder tea. I use the loose leaves at home (very excited to buy a tea pot) and when I am round a friends house they ask if I have bought my posh tea bags with me. I highly recommend you try it."

"Great seller! very fast delivery. Many thanks"

"Quick Delivery and service. Great tea, Regards" 

"Everything ok ;)

"I love this beautiful plant! I drink it everyday and was so grateful to find a place in the UK i could get hold of it, and with a lovely personal service too :) thank you!!!!"

“thank you*****” 

“Perfect. Thank you!”

“Did not expect this stuff to work...REALLY does.” 

“Delicious tea, and super fast delivery. Very happy.”

“Excellent consistency, makes a great brew and gets me charged up for the day. Very smooth.” 

“Really works...Thank you :-)” 



"Great tea!" 

“Excellent quality product - thank you” 

"I'm amazed! After 1 cup I feel wide awake, alert and energised! No jitters like after having a strong coffee! I'm really, really impressed! It does not taste too bad either." 

"Great stuff. Turned up quickly..." 

"Really pleased. Arrived today with lovely note & extra tea bags from seller." 

"I will order again, really great!" 

"Perfect thank you!!" 

"Great Seller!" 

"Super, thank You"

"Great product, fast delivery"

"Amazing product and delivered well packaged - thank you! Will be ordering again :-)" 

“:¦::*EXCELLENT*•-:¦:-•*EBAYER*:-:¦:-•:*MANY THANKS*:•.-:¦:.” 

"Came well within the time, ! love it!" 

"They give good energy!!!" 

"Top quality at a fair price" 

"I ordered this tea after reading about the beneficial effects it has - more antioxidants than green tea and a better wake up in the morning than coffee. It is mentioned in Dr Sara Gottfried's book Younger, so I was delighted to find somewhere to buy it from in the UK. I ordered both the normal and chocolate flavours and they are both delicious. I drink a cup every morning instead of coffee now, and will definitely order some more when I run out. Really lovely personal service too - a lovely hand written note with the tea and a follow up email to make sure I was happy with everything. I highly recommend both the tea and the supplier." 

“Great product & express delivery. Will definitely buy again ;).” 

“excellent seller.” 

“Thank you A++++++.” 

"Very prompt service delivered with a personal touch. As for the tea - apart from its health benefits, it tastes delicious." 

"I have tasted guayusa from 5 different company, and few other witch offered guayusa extract. This natural guayusa is best from them all, and today I'm ordering new package:)" 

"Good smooth tea without test, don't leave stains on cup - I recommend" 

"I'm new to Guayusa tea but I'm an instant convert. The tea tastes delicious and it gives you a long lasting, natural feeling energy lift. I have a cup in the morning if I've not had enough sleep and I feel great all morning. On long work days I'll have a cup after 8 or 9 hours and that gets me easily through the rest of the day (another 4 or 5 hours). Lastly, but by no means least; The service provided by is brilliant. The tea was delivered to me overseas very promptly, and came with a lovely handwritten note, some free samples, and a discount code for future purchases. This was followed up a few days later with a personal email checking to see if I enjoyed the tea. All in all, a really great purchasing experience, and a really great tea. My new favourite in fact. Thank you!" 

“A+++++++++++++++++ E-Bayer.”

“Thank you! +++++.” 

“Top Ebayer! Arrived amazingly quickly with free samples and a hand written note.” 

“Great service all round!” 


"A+ Quick delivery with a personal note and some gift samples! Really nice touch." 

"Love the refreshing taste and comforting that it has the essential amino acids that coffee doesn't. The customer service has been exceptional' they take a personal interest in the customers experience. Thanks" 

Great product.” 

“Great product, Great seller, Highly recommended!” 

"This tea is so good! Healthy and tasty alternative to traditional tea. Worth trying. Unique I never tasted anything like it." 

"What I like about this tea is that it does not taste like infused potpourri, like so many herbal teas. It is a real alternative to more traditional tasting tea. I was curious about the Choco variety, but could not imagine how this combination would work and was hesitant trying it. Last week I took the plunge and ordered it and am so glad I did, as it has such a nice taste and now I have a choice." 

"Whenever I need a little boost (especially now during finals) I used to reach for coffee or energy drinks. They helped for a while but always made me feel like crap afterwards! This tea however is different, I feel more relaxed and am able to focus better on the matters at hand. All in all the product is great, not even mentioning the excellent customer support, personal note and free samples I received. I am very happy with my purchase and will be returning for more!" 

"Hi, I would really like to leave a review about this product which I purchased on Amazon. I had to stop drinking my cuppa because it eventually dawned on me that afterwards it was responsible for making me feel nauseous. I missed my morning cup of tea so much that I tried brewing it weaker and adding more milk but still the same effect and I had to give it up totally. I had drunk tea all my life and could not understand why this would happen and researched it thoroughly.I believed the problem was the tannins which are irritant to the stomach. I came across this tea in my search for 'tannin-free' tea on Amazon and tried it. I was so glad I did because I have found a suitable alternative to the cuppa I have enjoyed all my life - which is some statement. I have noticed that the suppliers own website does not say a lot about this property of the tea, and thought my review might help others in the same situation as myself." 

"Thank you so much for the prompt delivery service. The tea is absolutely fantastic. I really enjoy the flavour as well as its overall effects. Thank you also for the free samples they are lovely too. Rest assured you have a very satisfied customer here and I will definitely be reordering with you soon. Happy New Year!" 

"I thought i would give this tea a go not knowing whether I would like it or not. The box arrived very promptly. A lot earlier than expected. Also there were a few free samples added which was nice. I must say that I really do like the tea, and also I wouldn't dream of adding sugar or honey to it. It is very nice the way it is."  

“Fast Delivery, Thanks” 

"I love this company's guayusa tea and the product with chocolate which I have received free samples of and which I will be ordering next month. The guayusa tea tastes great. It contains some caffeine but this is ok. I've also read that it contains large amounts of antioxidants, which of course is healthy for us. So I would assume the tea is healthier to drink than coffee and other teas also. I recommend that you buy this tea. I received the tea shortly after ordering." 

"I was planning to write a review when I received my first order, but it took me a while. Now I'm about to place another order and I'd like to say that I'm very happy with the quality of this guayusa tea. It's not only the tea, but also the lovely packaging, personal message and free samples that made me smile when I opened the parcel. I absolutely love this energising tea, it's refreshing and I enjoy its slightly sweet taste. I'm ordering some more for my family and friends. Thank you! <3" 

“Great tea. Fast delivery. Many thanks” 

“Amazing Tea!! I will be ordering more when i run low (which wont be long!)” 

“Very Good seller” 

"I'm a convert to Guayusa! It's delicious and refreshing but, best of all, it seems to release energy (caffeine) gradually, so you don't get the crash that can happen with other caffeinated drinks. I was kindly sent some samples of the chocolate version, too - so delicious for a sweet treat!" 

"Working my way through my first batch of guayusa and am liking it so much I had to do a review. I am a bit of a black tea and coffee aficionado, but I have to say that the taste of guayusa is fresh and satisfying. It refreshes me in a different way to tea and coffee.. lighter somehow but the stimulation is up there with coffee, this is going to become a staple. Thankyou." 

"James and Linda (the sellers) are so thoughtful with their handwritten note and surprising free samples with the delivery. Highly recommend their product!!! Truly enjoyed the tea (the mint flavoured sample was great as well)" 

"Awesome tea and they always write you a handwritten letter" 

“Beautiful, perfect, recommend” 

“Delivery. Loved the free samples & the hand written card. Nice personal touch” 

“Very quickly dispatched and well protected packaging!" 

"Brilliant tasting tea! The Free samples where delicious. Many thanks :)" 

"Awesome product, fast shipping and very nice personal touches with the personal note and free samples. Hopefully, you guys will offer larger quantities of the teabags (the ones from the samples) for sale!" 

“Great item, fast postage! Highly Recommended A+" 

Excellent seller, fast and efficient

“Good product fast delivery"

"The tea I haven't drunk yet but I it looks original, good grade Guayusa. However, the sellers are really nice people. They have sent sample teas with a hand written note. Delivered on time with with solid packaging. Thank you very much."

"Personal note + 3 free samples came along with the order. Really nice touch. Also the taste of what I bought was delicious. First Class."

"Excellent service - Fast delivery - Highly recommended"

"VERY NICE PEOPLE! The seller took the time to write me a hand written card, and also sent me some free samples!! It's such a great way to make this world a better place! THANK YOU! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!" 

"I was sent some samples to try from Linda and I was very surprised how nice this Guayusa is! I had currently been trying Yerba Mate and I thought it would be much the same.The little research I had done suggested that they were from a type of holly tree, that is where it ended! Guayusa is sweeter than yerba and tastes more tea like. I have now bought some loose leaf tea (not the infused) as this is the first sample I tried and I'm hooked! I decided to give this type of tea a try as there are a long list of health benefits and also weight loss is also possible. I drank my first cup around 09:30 this morning and I didn't have any breakfast and I didn't take lunch until 13:30 which is very unusual for me. All I can say to people is take a look online and do some research on Guayusa and see for yourself! It's worth asking the seller for some samples and give it a try. Thanks."

"The handwritten note brought a smile to my face. It brought a very human aspect to the package. It helped remind me that people were involved in this process and guided my gratitude to them. It meant so much that you took the care and attention to write that in our fast paced modern society. The samples you sent were great." 

"What a wonderful surprise this package was. I love the handwritten note, really down to earth and makes it a lot more personal. The tea is really nice, I like to simmer it for 10-15 minutes and add my own dried mint leaves to it. I work as a chef and in the kitchen we mostly drink coffee, like, 5-10 a day and well to say the least, it's super unhealthy and it's about time to change to something that keeps me going without the edginess and jitters."

"I absolutely love this tea, it's incredible! I also greatly appreciate the free samples you gave me, the cinnamon flavor is my favorite, I will definitely be purchasing some more! Thank you also for the sweet message card. Also delivery was way faster than expected, I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends and family. Thank you!"

"Thank you for the free samples they were delicious. Did not need sugar or milk, just great as they were. Fantastic."

"My husband recently bought a pack of loose tea from you. I have been lucky to be the tester for the sample bags that you sent and I really like the cinnamon one. I love the fact that the tea has no tannin flavour and it doesn't get bitter no matter how long it gets brewed. I also notice that I am feeling less tired after drinking the tea. Thanks again for the free samples!"

"Tea is delicious, very good quality and the extra free samples were a lovely surprise. I loved them all so will be back with another order at some point in the near future. To anyone wondering about trying this tea and this wont regret it. The tea is lovely, not bitter at all and if you like the idea of the benefits of healthier tea or "healthier caffiene" try this tea. From a milky tea with sugar addict I now only drink guayusa tea with no milk or sugar, it has a natural slight sweetness to it. The packaging this tea comes in is lovely and it arrived with free samples of lemon, cinnamon and mint flavours too with a really nice handwritten note!  A lovely touch. Very impressed. You will be my tea supplier of choice!!!"

"Just tasted my first brew, absolutely stunning, clean and refreshing. I'm a regular herbal drinker after ditching coffee and daily have Yerba in the morning and Green Rooibos at night. But this is now going to be my afternoon choice. What a find!"

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