How to brew Guayusa tea

If you're out of tea pot practice, or don't have one at all, there is no need to be freaked out by our gorgeous green guayusa flakes.

Check out our top tips and methods for getting the best out of your guayusa tea leaves, brew a cup - then sit back and enjoy!

Loose leaf Guayusa

‘Cafetiere’ and ‘ground coffee’ are all you need to think of - just treat our loose leaf guayusa like coffee grounds.

This is the simplest way we can suggest in terms of kit you may already have around the office or kitchen.

It’s how we starting to enjoy loose leaf guayusa - we may as well call them guayusa-tieres these days :)

We have also used classic China tea pots with great success.

If convenience, mobility and ease of cleaning are your thing, tea ball infusers are a great option.

You can also get little DIY tea bags with string tags - our older customers will remember we used to send out free samples of guayusa in these - come to think of it, we're not sure why we've stopped (note to self, look into getting more DIY tea bags...) 

We have had glowing reports of the Sage Tea Maker from one of our customers too, which we would certainly love to try one day.

We have a lovely Bodum glass tea pot - and it makes a fantastic cup of guayusa tea and is very easy to clean.

Tea bags

We sell our own guayusa tea bags - these are intended to be the pinnacle of convenience in that it's as simple as popping one in a cup and pouring on boiling water in the way we are sure you are already very familar with!

When we make a cup with our tea bags, we leave them in, but you can take them out after 5 mins or so - it'll still be a great cup of guayusa.

Amount of guayusa and brewing time

Like any tea or coffee you are going to find the optimum volume of product and brewing time that suits you best. 

The general volume of guayusa per cup seems to be around 2g. This is what we put into our pure guayusa tea bags - and it make a perfect brew for us - delivering just the right taste and energy hit.

Of course, with our loose leaf guayusa, you can choose to put less or more in. I would say at home we probably do make it a bit stronger - in the same way you might have an extra shot in a cappuccino or a double espresso, etc.

One striking difference with guayusa is that it's pretty much impossible to over brew it - it has very low tannin content so does not have the bitterness of tea or coffee (it also won't stain your teeth or cups - cool, huh?)

Showing off your brew of green goodness

One of the best ways we love to show off guayusa’s glorious green colour is by serving it in the kind of tea 'glasses' shown in the image at the top.

They’re dual walled so you can safely hold them as you sip the energising guayusa brew inside! We absolutely love drinking guayusa from these.

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