Our production process

How we work with Ilex guayusa

We thought it would be interesting to explain more about our products and how we make them.

We will expand this section soon, but hope that the below is helpful for the time-being.

The guayusa itself

Our supplier produces absolutely amazing guayusa - they carry Fair Trade, Organic and Non GMO certifications.

Loose leaf pack product production

This is where we are proud to say we are still very much 'hands-on' with our product!

Every single pack of loose leaf tea is hand-packed by the tiny team (James and Linda) who run this exciting fledgling of a business.

Each pack is weighed, packed, sealed, decorated with its front and rear stickers by hand. We even hand-write the best before dates on the bottom of each pack.

Tea bag pack production

Our boxes of guayusa tea bags are produced in a British Retail Consortium Grade A rated factory that is Organic, Fairtrade and Kosher Certified. What more could we ask for!

The image at the top of this page shows our premium biodegradable string tag tea bags in a real production run. Each tea bag is sealed with ultrasonic power!

What you get when you order

Apart from our fabulous guayusa tea, we try our best to stick in little surprises and add ons from time to time!

At the very least you'll always get a personalised thanks card signed by us - because we REALLY appreciate your support, as does the spirit of Ilex guayusa

Ilex guayusa relies on propagation at the hands of humans to survive, so by purchasing guayusa tea, you are playing a part in this plant's continued existence.

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