Why trust us

Beyond the face value cost of our products, here's why we believe we're the best value Guayusa Tea available in the UK and EU:

  • Packed in UK tea factories with certifications including the British Retail Consortium, Ethical Tea Partnership, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic Certification.

  • Top-grade biodegradable mesh used for tea bags. Branded boxes produced by same company who's worked with Maldon Sea Salt, Dorset Cereals, Clipper Teas and all major UK supermarket brands. 
  • Our Guayusa supplier (we buy direct) pays their farmer collectives 15% more than the Fair Trade rate.
  • Our storage location visited by Council Food Safety Team + awarded top rating.

  • Words on packs reviewed by food law solicitor, ensuring no false claims made.

  • Passing value to you by undercharging on postage. We undercharge on UK postage and (just about) break even on everything else.

Thanks for understanding that beyond the product cost, there's a lot going on to ensure we're delivering the absolute best value.