B-Stock Guayusa Tea Bags

B-Stock: 20 x Guayusa Biodegradable Pyramid Bags

Regular price £3.99 Best value & quality in UK / EU

We had an issue when we made some of our tea bags using a finer cut of Guayusa than usual, which caused some problems with the bags sealing properly.

We hate waste at The Guayusa Co, so while we're not happy to sell these as full-priced boxed packs, we're happy to offer them for the bargain price of just £3.99 per pack.

It's almost certain that several of the tea bags will have failed to have sealed properly and the tea may escape the bag when you brew it - but this doesn't mean the Guayusa inside can't be salvaged and used in a cafetière or tea pot.

Each pack will be sent fully-sealed in a biodegradable Natureflex pouch, but please note this product will come without an outer box in order to save on packaging costs.

We've definitely learned our lesson to not use the finer cut Guayusa leaves in our tea bags(!), so you'll notice that in our full-priced tea bag packs that the cut size is much larger, and avoids this problem entirely. 

Be quick as these are likely to sell out super-fast!

Please note these are the maximum prices you will pay. For smaller value packs (e.g. our tea bags or Pacari Guayusa chocolate) the prices may end up cheaper! You'll see the calculated shipping as you move through the checkout. The table below is a good guide but there may be some variance depending on what you order. Please note we are unable to send orders to countries outside of the EU. However, we do ship Australia as it is an approved product there.

United Kingdom Cost
1 packet £1.99
2 packets £2.49
3 packets £2.99
4 packets £3.49
5 (large) - 10 (small) packets £3.99
£60 order value and over Free postage
Europe only (We don't ship outside the EU)*  
1 packet £3.99
2 packets £4.99
3 packets £5.99
4 packets £6.99
5 (large) - 10 (small) packets £7.99
£60 order value and over
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What our customers say

I'm amazed! After 1 cup I feel wide awake, alert and energised! No jitters like after having a strong coffee! I'm really, really impressed!

I'm new to Guayusa but I'm an instant convert. The tea tastes delicious and it gives you a long lasting, natural feeling energy lift. 

Ethical and sustainable
Plastic free and Earth kind

All products are biodegrdable and sustainably sourced

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