Green Guayusa - Loose Leaf - 110g

Green Guayusa - Loose Leaf - 110g

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It’s here - a clean, caffeinated drink that won’t jolt you like an espresso.

Grown where the Amazon meets the Andes, this sacred, tannin-free leaf makes a deliciously smooth tea.

Guayusa promotes mental clarity, and won't give you the crashes or jitters of other caffeine sources.

Guayusa is abundant in theobromine, the stimulant that makes you feel good when eating chocolate, contains more antioxidants than many other superfoods (including green tea) and all essential amino acids – aka ‘the building blocks of life’. You can see why this leaf packs a health punch!

Responsibly sourced from small rural farming families in Ecuador working with organic farming practices and no GMO. Packaged in a protective atmosphere with care in the UK.

Green Guayusa

This is Green Guayusa. This means it's left to dry at ambient temperatures for 2-3 days before onward processing. Super fresh and zingy, this is our best selling and most popular style of Guayusa. 

This stuff flies out, so hurry!

Please note this product comes without a cardboard box and only a NatureFlex (biodegradable) pouch as shown in the image.

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We are members of 1% for the Planet, where we give 1% of our sales (whether in profit or not) to environmental charities protecting rivers in the UK and Guayusa heartland - deep in the rainforests of Ecuador.

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What our customers say

I'm amazed! After 1 cup I feel wide awake, alert and energised! No jitters like after having a strong coffee! I'm really, really impressed!

I'm new to Guayusa but I'm an instant convert. The tea tastes delicious and it gives you a long lasting, natural feeling energy lift. 

Ethical and sustainable
Plastic free and Earth kind

All products are biodegrdable and sustainably sourced

Members of 1% for the Planet

We donate 1% of our turnover to environmental charities