Clean caffeine from the Guayusa leaf

From the rainforest. Not instead of it.

The future of caffeine

Brewed like a tea, Guayusa releases power into the body slowly, without the jitters or crashes of coffee. Its aromatic leaves are crammed with caffeine and polyphenols – micronutrients packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits.

Future Energy

What our customers say

I tried the tea yesterday for the first time and all I can say is WOW! I wasn't expecting it to taste as nice as it was, I knew the benefits of it before hand but didn't think it would be delicious too. I think I've found my new favourite drink!

AMAZING. I used to drink Runa Guayusa tea but it wasn't available from the UK. I ordered this one instead and I love it. It tastes even better than what I used to drink, the price is amazing too.

Love love love this tea! It has given me amazing amounts of energy. With my last delivery, I even got a little sample of chocolate. Highly recommend.

I love this beautiful plant! I drink it everyday and was so grateful to find a place in the UK I could get hold of it, and with a lovely personal service too :) thank you!!!!

Excellent consistency, makes a great brew and gets me charged up for the day. Very smooth.

I'm amazed! After 1 cup I feel wide awake, alert and energised! No jitters like after having a strong coffee! I'm really, really impressed!

I drink a cup every morning instead of coffee now, and will definitely order some more when I run out.

I have tasted Guayusa from 5 different companies. This natural Guayusa is best from them all, and today I'm ordering new package :)

I'm new to Guayusa tea but I'm an instant convert. The tea tastes delicious and it gives you a long lasting, natural feeling energy lift. 

This tea is so good! Healthy and tasty alternative to traditional tea. Worth trying. Unique I never tasted anything like it.

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